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The Gordon Lewis designed 18-hole golf course offers beautiful scenery and views through wetlands and nature preserves. Members can enjoy a variety of other active amenities including unlimited owner use of pickleball, tennis, fitness, aqua driving range, swimming, and walking/biking trails. 

All Members shall abide by the reservation sign-up sheets posted on the tennis/pickle ball court bulletin board. Players without reserved court time are welcome to play, but must yield to

  • Those who made prior reservations on the reservation sign-up sheet and club events.
  • Reservations may be made up to six (6) days in advance.

Players are requested to limit reservations to one (1) - two (2) hour period of play per day. Players without a reserved court time will be asked to relinquish a court to those who previously reserved a court. The general manager may block off times during which the courts will be reserved for league play or special functions.

Guest players must be registered to play tennis or pickleball before playing. To register guests, the sponsor member shall send an email to [email protected] stating member’s number, the date of play, names of the guests and whether for tennis or pickleball. A guest fee of $5 per guest will be charged to the Member’s account. Members are on an honor system to register guests. Guests must be accompanied by the sponsor member at the courts. A member/ membership can sponsor 3 guests max.
All players are expected to observe proper etiquette on and at the courts. The use of profanity, loud noises, or any form of misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action. No person shall cross another court while play is in progress but shall wait until a point is over.  No person shall distract or interfere with players while a match is in progress.

Tennis or court shoes must be worn at all times. Men must wear appropriate length shorts, shirts, and/or appropriate warm-up suits. Women must wear tennis shorts, skorts, skirts, dresses, and/or appropriate warm-up suits. Tank tops, playing shirtless, running shorts, cargo shorts, cut-offs, and bathing suits are not permitted.